Born and raised in Namibia, Bruno Nebe has worked as a professional guide for the past forty years, and is widely regarded as one of Namibia's best. During this time, Bruno has lived and worked at the coast, in Etosha National Park and at Mundulea, our private game reserve near Otavi. He studied  photography and film in Europe and has worked as a professional photographer in Britain, Germany and Southern Africa.

Over the years, Turnstone has established a small team of specialised guides who work alongside Bruno on day tours and short camping tours. They successfully negotiate some of Namibia's most extreme off-road conditions, are knowledgeable, companionable and dedicated to their work.

Underpinning all our work is Turnstone's organising principle: that sustainable tourism in Namibia depends on well-informed interest, environmental awareness and mutual respect between guest and host. Like the inquisitive and industrious shorebird, for which our company is named, we hope that digging a little deeper and taking a closer look, will bring bring well-earned and satisfying rewards!

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