2022 and 2023 rates for direct bookings
applicable as per calendar year - January 1st to December 31st


  1. Sandwich Bay: minimum booking – 2 pax

  2. The Sheltering Desert (Namib Desert tour) – minimum booking - 3 pax

  3. Cape Cross and Messum Crater – minimum booking – 4 pax

Booking rate for up to four people:
2022: N$2 250 pp. (incl 15%VAT); 2022: N$2 420 pp. (incl 15%VAT)


Booking rate for more than four people:
2022: N$2 130 pp. (incl 15%VAT); 2023: N$2 290 (incl15% VAT)

These prices include a large picnic hamper lunch, soft drinks, National Park permits and VAT.

We use customized old style Land Rovers, which can carry up to 8 passengers.

If you would like the option of limiting your day tour to no more than four people, please enquire whether this would be possible for the date of your booking. In this case the rate charged throughout 2022 will be N$2 990 pp  and in 2023 it will be N$3 200 pp.

If your group is larger than 8 people and so would require more than one vehicle, this can be arranged with sufficient prior notice.

Full day tours start between 8.30 and 08h45 (from guests’ accommodation), usually returning between 16.00 and 16.30.


The Sheltering Desert (Namib Desert) tour:

minimum booking is usually 4 pax, but please enquire as exceptions are sometimes made
Mornings from 9am to 1pm; afternoons from 2pm to 6pm.

2022: N$1 500 pp. (incl 15%VAT); 2023: N$1 600 pp

NB: We do NOT offer half day tours to Sandwich Harbour as we consider this practice dangerous, environmentally irresponsible, and misleading in terms of value. Very often so called ‘half-day Sandwich Harbour tours’ have little chance of actually accessing Sandwich Lagoon because of tide and time limitations.



For 1/2 pax: N$9 000; (incl 15%VAT)
For 3/4 pax: N$11 900; (incl 15%VAT)
For 5/7 pax: N$15 800; (i 15%VAT)
For 8 pax: N$18 00; (incl 15%VAT)


For 1/2 pax: N$9 700; (incl 15%VAT)
For 3/4 pax: N$12 800; (incl 15%VAT)
For 5/7 pax: N$17 100; (i 15%VAT)
For 8 pax: N$19 300; (incl 15%VAT)

Rates for larger tours are available on request
Children under 12 are charged at 50% of the adult rate
Guides accompanying groups of 4 or more guests are not charged
Guides accompanying groups of fewer than 4 guests are charged 50% of the per person rack rate.

Please note that we have a cancellation policy of 25% of the full amount for a booking cancelled between 30 and 15 days before the tour date; 50% for a booking cancelled 14-7 days before the tour date; and 100% for a booking cancelled less than 7 days before the tour date.


Please note that there may occasionally be days when a combination of climatic conditions (including but by not restricted to tides) make it impossible to access the final section of beach accessing Sandwich Lagoon. These conditions cannot be reliably predicted and we are not able to forecast their alignment in advance. Should such circumstances occur we rely on the expertise and experience of our guides to decide whether or not to proceed. The safety of our guests will always be their first priority. Similarly the guides’ knowledge and local expertise will ensure that the day tour continues in an interesting, informative and adventurous vein. Guests should be aware of this possibility and prepared to follow an alternative agenda if the need arises.

Also, we describe our tour to Sandwich Bay as “adventurous” and “challenging” for good reason. It is made as safe as possible by our first rate guides, but an element of risk cannot be ruled out. If you would prefer a gentler, but equally fascinating desert excursion, our ‘Sheltering Desert’ tour might be a better option.


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Branch: Swakopmund
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 Account number: 041 382 226
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