Mundulea Nature Reserve in the Otavi mountains is roughly 120 square kilometres of prime Montane bush-land set in the unspoiled Karstveld south east of Otavi. It is perfectly positioned as the first or final destination of a Namibian holiday: not far from the main B1, about two hours' drive from Etosha's Namutoni Gate. Walking and hiking in this beautifully lush mountain landscape offers the ideal opportunity to get out of your vehicle and into the bush. You will be accompanied by professional guide, Bruno Nebe of Turnstone Tours, who established Mundulea Nature Reserve ten years ago to restore and protect the huge diversity of fauna and flora which thrives in this unique karstveld biosphere.

At Mundulea, well respected now for its commitment to ‘restoration ecology’, you will encounter this natural wilderness face-to-face, in the real-time of the bush. In addition, you will be able to discuss what you find and learn with a guide who can help interpret your discoveries in an insightful and comprehendible way. Guests usually arrive at Mundulea shortly after lunchtime on the first day of their visit. Bruno will meet you at the farmhouse where you’ll leave your vehicle and head off - first in our open Land Rover and then on foot - to explore the bush at its natural best. You'll need light clothing, a fleece jacket, good walking shoes, hat, decent sunglasses, sun block, binoculars and a water bottle. We provide everything else for an unforgettable four days at Mundulea. We look forward to seeing you there.

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